• NEW - Ultimate Battery Box for Optima Battery


    *******For Shipping outside the United States.  Please call or email us before ordering to get added shipping cost.***** 

    Made in the USA by All Things Three

    Ultimate Battery box is Model specific (2015 or 2016).  The battery tray has been re - designed for your Slingshot model year due to its structural changes from Polaris.

    If you use one of the generic boxes out there, you are able to run into rubbing / vibration issues on your battery and possibly puncture the battery housing, ruining an expensive battery.  

    Our battery box tray is LASER CUT, LIGHT WEIGHT and all ALUMINUM so it will never rust or corrode like steel.  The brackets on the 2016 has a pre-riveted bolt making for a simple and easy installation as you reuse factory hardware.

    Engineered to fit a "yellow, blue or red top" Optima Battery.

    Be sure to purchase a battery that stays within the size of 10"x6 7/8x7 13/16" tall or smaller.

    Give your Slingshot the added power necessary to start in harsh conditions and run all those extra goodies you have installed with added peace of mind.